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One of the most appealing characteristics of humanity is the uniqueness of each person. No person looks or thinks or acts exactly like another. We are each set apart in some way from the crowd. That being stated, there are many who may be threatened by your uniqueness and they make it their job to fit you into their mold. When this happens, it sets up the problem of boundaries confusion. You are not allowed to be a separate unit, but you are expected to become something you are not. Too much exposure to this way of living will create certain anxiety.

To get an idea if you live with boundaries confusion, look over the following statements to determine if any of them describe your life.

 When I'm expressing an opinion, it seems that others are listening for the purpose of offering an immediate rebuttal.
 There are strong-willed people in my life who freely tell me how I should think or feel.
 I have felt manipulated by people who just have to have their way.
 In regular conversations with key people I measure my words carefully.
 It seems that I receive too much advice or suggestions that I didn't ask for.
 When I attempt to stand upon my separate perceptions, others seem offended.
 I want to be accepted by the very people who won't accept me.
 From past experience, I've learned that being unique can often be accompanied by an unusually high emotional price tag.
 When you speak about your needs or convictions, your tone of voice can become coercive.
 I have a tendency to just go along with people rather than stirring up controversy.
 Being different seems to create more problems than it solves.

When you recognize that there is confusion regarding boundaries in your life, rather than waiting for others to make the necessary adjustments, you'll need to stand upon your own uniqueness. This may not always produce wonderful responses in others, yet you will remain perpetually tense if you do not live consistently with who you are. Are you willing to make the necessary adjustments that will ensure that you are being true to your real self?

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