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Sometimes people have difficulty admitting the role anger plays in their emotions because they mistakenly assume that anger is virtually always accompanied by loud shouting or bitter speech. Seeing that they do not do such things, they can reason that anger is not an issue. If you are going to gain an understanding into the nature of anxiety, you'll need to stay away from such reasoning. Virtually always when a person experiences ongoing anxiety, anger plays a role. Once the anger is suppressed it then becomes the seed for tension. This then feeds the anxiety. To get an idea if you have suppressed anger that feeds anxiety, look over the following statements.

 I have ideas about how others could be more respectful toward me, but I keep them to myself, reasoning that it would do no good to speak about it.
 Too often I fall into a people pleasing mode, hoping I can get people off my back that way.
 Others seem to know that they can out-argue me, that I'll usually give in.
 Sometimes my only moments of peace come when I withdraw.
 I just shut down when it is obvious that a conflict is forthcoming.
 When I finally talk about my needs, I feel that I am not very articulate in explaining them.
 Sometimes I'll mull my conflicts over and over, though that does not necessarily mean I'll do anything about them.
 Other people in my life are insensitive and I have found no good response to that.
 Sometimes I am deliberately stubborn and won't speak to the person with whom I am frustrated.
 There are times when I just stew and fume about my problems, and I can't get my thoughts of frustration off my mind.

We all have times when we're not exactly sure what to do with our frustrations, so it would be unusual if you could not identify with any of the above statements. The more of these statements you could identify with, the more you are probably holding in your anger to your detriment. It would be beneficial if you could learn to be more open about your legitimate needs and convictions. Even if others do not agree with you, that should not stop you from having firmness. Be honest about who you are.

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