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Welcome to the online office of Les Carter, Ph. D., a nationally recognized psychotherapist, author, and lecturer. Our aim is simple. We want to provide information to you so you can attain and keep a healthy lifestyle no matter what situation you find yourself.

Dr. Les Carter

Take the time to check out our office’s various features. If this is your first visit, please register with us and we will see that you receive our weekly Personal Reflections articles which will address a wide array of lifestyle topics. You can read some of them in our Library.

The Kindness Matters area has some compelling stories about unique acts of kindness that our visitors have submitted. We welcome your stories and also invite you to submit questions for our Q & A section. Dr. Carter will select some of these for publication. Due to the volume of questions, not all questions or the answers will be published.

You will find more information from Dr. Les Carter at

Before you leave, visit the Book Store to review some of the books Dr. Carter has published including his newest book, Grace & Divorce. In addition, you can purchase some of Dr. Les Carter's recommended readings. We know you'll enjoy them.

To find out more about the Southlake Psychiatric and Counseling Center, you can also visit

Dr. Carter was recently interviewed about his book The Anger Trap by Deborah Harper, President of Psychjourney for the Psychjourney Book Club. You can hear an audio clip of that interview by clicking the yellow Play button below (wait a few seconds for the audio to load):


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The Anger Trap
The Anger Trap

Enough About You, Let's Talk About Me